. . . . Sharing Our Life Through Pictures and Stories


SpottedBird Publishing is a lifelong dream of the authors to tell stories that would be informative, compelling, and enlightening to people around the world.   By publishing books, periodicals, short stories, and limited edition photography and art, these stories can be told.  Most of these stories are primarily Native American in content and origin, but also reflect the life and culture of the Philippine people.   These stories are targeted to readers of all ages and backgrounds.

Our stories are positive and fun, but also educational as they share the real stories of our way of life, our histories, our dreams and our legends.    We are proud to share this with you.

SpottedBird Publishing was established on July 1, 2013 as a State of Washington Limited Liability Company.


Our initial project nearing completion is a book of fiction entitled:  

  • Encore of the Warriors Dance

The second project nearing completion is a children's book entitled:

  • Maxx:  The Cat That Dreamed of Becoming a Child...and Became One


  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Short Stories
  • Articles
  • Poetry
  • Limited Edition Fine Art Prints
  • Limited Edition Photography
  • Fine Art