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"MAXX:  The Cat That Dreamed of

  Becoming a Child... and Became One"

Maxx was a tiny puff of black fur with white socks on his hind feet and white gloves on his front feet.  Half his nose and one cheek are also white. He could fit in the palm of your hand.  He was born on a small Indian reservation in the Northwest to a litter of five in the early hours of September 23, 2010.   He was the smallest, but smartest of the litter.

Maxx was very unique in that he was born in the light of the full moon that also occurred on the same day of the Autumn Equinox of that year.  Somehow, this special moonlight created a magic that shone on Maxx the moment he came into this world.  That brief instance where the light of the equinox moon shone on Maxx - created the magic that would one day change him forever. 

Also adding to the magic was the unique location of the ancient Indian reservation where Maxx was born.  Situated at the foot of the Cascade Mountains, far from any city and population, there existed since ancient times, a spiritual energy that thrived and gave life to the American Indians and all that lived there. This special energy that annointed Maxx that night would one day change the world.

This is the story of Maxx, the cat that dreamed of becoming a child, and on one magical night, became one!