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KIOWA CHRONICLES - a tribal collaboration...

Kiowa Chronicles is the dream of renowned Kiowa artist, the late Sherman Chaddlesone.   It is planned to be a series of actual footage of elders telling the old stories of our beginning, or migration from Southeast British Columbia to the current location in Southwest Oklahoma.   Stories, books, video productions, and other media will be created to record these chronicles.

The group of Kiowa historians, producers, writers and cultural experts will soon come together again and move this dream forward to fruition.  To honor the dream of our brother - our Pahbee - Sherman Chaddlesone and all Kiowas who passed before us.   We will honor them and share our own story to the world - as told by us.   

Kiowa Chronicles will not be a reiteration of secondary research written by non-Kiowas, but real knowledge and history from our own Kiowa people.  This will be our opportunity to set the record straight - this will be the Kiowa Chronicles.

In memory of my pahbee - Sherman Chaddlesone