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The Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma

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The Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma is headquartered in Southwest Oklahoma at Carnegie, Oklahoma. 

According to our earliest knowledge, the Kiowa people originated in what is now Southeast British Columbia.  It is the only place in the world where you will find the Spirit Bear - a White Bear.   

The bear is a brother to the Kiowa people and as such, never hunted, killed or eaten.  It is revered as we would a respected member of our family.

The National Museum of the American Indian credits the Kiowa Tribe as having killed more white people - per capita - than any other tribe in America.

The Kiowa were Warriors!

The Kiowa males were part of six warrior societies organized in the tribe.   

  • Po-Lanh-Yope (Rabbit Society - young boys)

  • Adle-Tdow-Yope (Young Sheep Society)

  • Tsain-tanmo (Horse Headress Society)

  • Tia-Piah-Gah (Gourd Dance Society)

  • The Ton Kon Gah (Black Leggings Warrior Society)

  • Koie Tsain Gah (Principal Dogs)